Groupon Feature 2013

Congratulations!  and welcome

We are featuring our Essential Tamer and a Introduction to our Therapeutic Massage for 30 minutes customized just for you!
Questions, we have provided a brief FAQ below.

The Deal: 

  • Deal #1
    For $19, you get a Custom therapeutic massage for 30 minutes ($40 value).  A simple way to “test the waters”. A bit nervous trying us? This is a great way to be introduced to a therapist or just benefit from a massage with larger variety of customization for you – with a very small investment.  Options to upgrade for a longer session at an incredible discount are available with Deal #1. Simply request at time of scheduling that you would like to extend this session to an hour for only $20 more (total cost $39)  or a 90 min session for $40 more (total cost $59) – PLEASE if scheduling online select Intro 30 min
  • Deal #2
    For $45, you get our special Essential Tamer* ($99 value). Enjoy an all-natural, sense-seducing escape from everyday worries. Indulgent and uniquely relaxing, our signature Essential Tamer is a combination massage that is the ultimate relaxation while it stimulates circulation and soothes tight muscles.  Tension is said to simply dissolve.  Sounds too good to be true? We are making this session last just a little longer for a wonderful escape of 75 minutes!  - PLEASE if you are scheduling online select Essential Tamer 75 min
calendarAnd Thank You – for supporting us.  Our therapists work very hard to give you their 100%.  Tips are not expected but definitely appreciated.
This link will provide information on  Booking Your Session – Online
This will come in handy when all therapists and staff are answering 30 phone calls and 18 voicemails :-)  (Thanks for your patience)

Brief FAQ

Q. What upgrades are available for this Groupon deal?

A. You may upgrade the Intro 30 minute massage to a full massage hour for only $20 (Regularly $25 for each additional 30 minutes).  Some other combinations (only available if upgraded to a full hour session) is to turn this into a Hot Stone Massage or try the Raindrop Technique.

What does that break down to?  Start with what you pay for the Intro 30 minutes ($19), add 30 minutes for $20 = $39 for a full hour (Regularly $70), you just can’t go wrong with that, right? :-)  The easiest is to give us a call and we can help you get creative to upgrade your Intro 30 min.
303-920-2350 (Westminster Ext 1 and Arvada Ext 2)add on oils

As always, you are also encouraged to feel free to add-on to your session.  We use Young Living essential oils and you can use them to help compliment your session more.
The payment for the upgrade is made directly to Essential Bodyworks when you come in for your appointment.

Q. Why are you offering an Introduction 30 minutes?

A. First we want to totally confirm that just because it’s a “intro 30 minutes” will not reduce quality!  In fact it signals the therapist that you are “trying out us out”. There are several reasons but we will try to explain with just two explanations:

  • It might have been a while since you have been in to get a massage or you are trying us for the first time or one of our therapists for the first time.  We wanted to make it easier for you to try us.  We offer different types of massage services and this will be a great way for you and your therapist to introduce yourselves to each other.
  • Groupon asks us always for our BEST deal.  Our best deal is to say – come visit us and let’s reduce the worry and figure out what is best for you!
    So the “introduction” may be a simple gift to help someone get started with massage or it’s a smaller investment to try different massage sessions that you might not have tried.  Bottom line, we got creative with the Groupon deal!

Q. Can I use the Essential Tamer for a different type of session?

A. No, we ask that the Groupon be utilized for the services purchased, so if you would like more flexibility – try the Intro 30 min deal as you can add 30 or 60 minutes, you can then upgrade it to a Hot Stone or Raindrop Technique.

We have designed the Essential Tamer to really highlight and treat you to several types of massage modalities – it’s a “sampler platter of sorts”.  The session is just a tad longer so you can enjoy 75 minutes of relaxation.  And yes, this is a full 75 minutes as the schedule blocks off 90 minutes on the schedule of the therapist to allow them to get ready for you.

Q. Will I get a full 30 minutes massage for the half hour? 

A. You are scheduling a full 30 minutes on the therapists schedule. However, as with all massage practices it is customary to provide 5-10 minutes for undressing and dressing.  You should expect at least 25 minutes of massage time, we do try to give you as much time as physically possible.

If you selected  to add on to the session and make it longer – 30 additional minutes are added to the schedule.  So please arrive a bit early if you haven’t visited us so you can fill out our one page intake.  (we don’t have them available for download as we try really hard to be paperless).

So if you add time, please apply the same principle as for all other sessions for timing and understand that we try our physical best to give you AS MUCH of the 30 or 60 or 90 minutes depending on conversation, dressing, undressing, bathroom breaks etc. :-)

Q. I would prefer a female massage therapist to provide the massage, is that option available?

A. Yes,  At times we do have male therapists on staff, so when we do please keep in mind that depending on the time that you are requesting to schedule your session, it is based on therapist availability.   There are many reasons why people favor female therapists and we DO respect your feelings.  At times, we have found, it’s simply due to “trying something new”.  Perhaps reading some information may help you decide.  “The Need For Male Therapists”

Q. When may I use my Groupon?

A. You can make your appointment today! Groupon purchasers can schedule appointments according to availability Monday thru Sunday. However, there are a few blackout dates that apply to each therapist including Groupon purchasers. Please view our live schedule online by clicking on the Book Now link to the right.

Q. I messed up and didn’t try to use my Groupon and now it’s expired, will you extend the expiration date?

A. No…  but don’t worry you don’t lose your money. The Groupon you have will be honored for what you paid for it and applied on a full priced massage after the expiration date.

Q.  I’m confused about what kind of massage to schedule?

A. If you are scheduling online the current feature deal is highlighting our Essential Tamer and the Introduction 30 minute massage, please specify Essential Tamer or Intro 30 min.  By selecting the correct service, our system will schedule the needed time on the therapist’s schedule so that you are taken care of and alert the Therapist to what service they are providing so they can be ready for you.  For example, the Essential Tamer does require the therapist to make sure that a few stones are pre-heated to give you a taste of what a Hot Stone Massage could be like or to just experience the benefits of warming the tissues up first.

If you have NEVER had the privilege of enjoying a massage before, or you are just looking for something relaxing, may we make the following suggestion?  Try a the 30 minute introduction!  It is a great way to get started or restarted with massage. and you have the flexibility to add on to that starting point.

We use Valor essential oil blend in every session to complement your massage and help you just reset from the hectic pace outside!

If you are looking for more medium to deeper pressure and know that you have some areas of extra need – than a Therapeutic Massage is just your style.  We always encourage the  Hot Stone Massage or the Essential Tamer if you are looking for an extra special treat, or would just like to feel extra pampered AND get the kinks worked out.  Nothing beats the wonderful relaxing benefits of massage, with warmed river rocks to help take the kinks out.

Your next session:  Because you purchased a Groupon, you understand the value of massage a great deal.  We want to invite you back.  You might be interested in alternating between a Therapeutic Massage and Wellness Massage, with the occasional Hot Stone Massage or one of our other services.  Your body will learn to utilize the benefits of massage, and when needed you can get the problem spots worked out.

Have you promised yourself to take time for YOU and now the years is flying by? Ask your therapist about our Essential Massage Plan to learn how you can save and enjoy the satisfaction of completing that resolution to “take time for yourself”.  We have even sweetened the deal for our EMP plan.  Ask your therapist how you can enjoy MONTHLY sessions for a deal!  We also have a variety of packages and are always willing to be creative.