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You know when someone tells you a secret,

and it makes you so excited that you want to share with the whole world but you can't? Yeah, that was me these past few weeks. I'm so excited today is finally the day we can share! So... without further adieu, we present to you:


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Everything You Loved About Essential Bodyworks Just Got Better! Reveal
We have changed our look and name on the outside to reflect the progress we have made on the inside. Revealing our new logo and the refreshed company name to Massage All is a GIANT leap for all of us here at Essential Bodyworks. Now, we are taking the next step in our journey to the best massage practice we can be.

We are excited to live up to our new name - continuing to provide massage services for ALL! To sweep our clients off their feet and do our best, not with marble floors or spa rooms but with real therapists. In the end, we want our clients - you - both present and future, to find comfort in knowing that throughout this transformation process, nothing about your experience will change. No, scratch that. It will change, but only for the better! Along with our new company name and look, we are working behind the scenes to improve YOUR experience.

So head on over to our new site -

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Try a FULL 60 minute massage for $39 or a FULL 90 minute massage for $58.  If you don't like it - don't pay!   The therapists stand behind their work 100%.

FULL session time

For years the norm was a "massage hour" - taking 5-10 minutes to allow for time to dress/re-dress.  NO we are scheduling so you receive FULL 60 Minutes, etc.

100% Customized Sessions

Over 300 types of massage to choose from... Swedish, Deep Tissue, etc - let's make it simple.  Explain to your therapist what you are looking for and they will customize the session just for YOU!

NO Contracts, NO hassles

Regular massage is important - but not with hassles.  We have simplified things even more so you don't have to worry about contracts. If you want to see us monthly and circumstances change - there is no hassle!

Managed by Massage Therapists

Unlike any other place - @ Massage All  - ALL of the therapists are independent practitioners, not a big corporation.